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When Atlanta Home Buyers Buy Real Estate in Atlanta – They Need A Checklist

Duffy Realty of Atlanta Buyer ACTION Timeline

When Atlanta home buyers buy real estate in Atlanta, they NEED an 8-Step Checklist to add certainty to their purchase.

In the thousands of homes that we have sold in Atlanta, we know one thing for sure; Atlantians want to be certain that they are buying the right home at the right price when they buy real estate in Atlanta.

Our 8-Step Checklist known by Duffy Realty of Atlanta as our Buyer ACTION Timeline starts with showing buyers their rights, the seller rights, how to get the best loan, how to rate homes after the buyers address what they are looking for with each other, how to investigate the neighborhood and home they are considering, how to get the insurance company to order an important document for the buyer review, how to hire an inspector, how to order title insurance and a survey and much more. Buying real estate in Atlanta has never been easier.

Atlanta buyers report that the Timeline is priceless in their search and they show Duffy Realty of Atlanta a lot of praise for creating the checklist. The checklist is key and essential in getting the best price and having a clear understanding of what is being purchased.  Even if something bad is found during the investigation, most buyers prefer to be able to make a decision accordingly rather than finding out about the bad news after they have purchased the home.  Just a few guidelines and an certain order of doing things makes all the difference in a purchase.  You need a checklist!

To hire Duffy Realty of Atlanta to represent you to buy real estate in Atlanta, go to Atlanta Smart Home Buyer.  To read more about Duffy Realty of Atlanta and how we protect buyers, go to Duffy Realty of Atlanta.


Buy Real Estate in Atlanta and Get Cash At Closing

Duffy Realty gives cash at closing to home buyers

Atlanta real estate home buyers get up to $500.00 Cash at Closing* when they purchase a home using Duffy Realty as their agent.

We know that buyers are doing searching on their own on the internet and are helping their agent choose homes that are listed for sale.  Because of that help, we think we should share some of our commission with our Atlanta real estate home buyers.

Georgia real estate law allows agents to share their commission with buyers.  And let’s face it, if we were family, we may just forgo our commission as many agents do when they sell a home to their family member.

Duffy Realty of Atlanta takes even more steps for Atlanta real estate home buyers to make certain that they are buying the right home at the right price.  We use an 8-Step Checklist that we call our Buyer ACTION Timeline to make sure that buyers can take each step of the process and check it off as they go.

*Rules do apply to the Duffy Realty Buyer Cash Bonus for home buyers.  Go to Duffy Realty of Atlanta to read more or to hire us to represent you.

Atlanta Real Estate For Sale Isn’t Always On The Internet – You Have To Look Further

Duffy Realty of Atlanta uses tools to find all homes on the market

Atlanta Real Estate For Sale Isn’t Always On The Internet – You Have to Look Further.

As you are seeking what Atlanta real estate is for sale, you have to remember that there is more than meets the eye.  Some sellers who have Atlanta real estate for sale have pulled their home from the market but are still willing to sell. For Sale by Owners that are not in the sources that the general buyers searches on on the internet, expired listings, withdrawn listings and people who simply have not put their home on the market yet are sometimes willing to sell when asked if they would sell if they had a buyer.

At Duffy Realty of Atlanta, we recognize that we need to explore all of the options for you when you are looking for the right home. We know how to explore all of the avenues to make sure that you are buying the right home and that is part of our Buyer ACTION Timeline. Our buyers state that the choice that they have in homes that are available to choose from is even more important that the price that they pay for a home, but we have that covered too because we use our Clean Offer Formula to get the home at the very lowest price possible.

The other important element in searching for a home is that new construction is not always listed as Atlanta real estate for sale in the multiple listing services which is the primary feed for sites like Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia and real estate agent and real estate company websites.

To learn more about buying, visit Duffy Realty of Atlanta. To hire us to represent you, go to Atlanta Smart Home Buyer.